Mac GUI Releases their List of Good Apple II Books for Spring Reading

The Mac GUI website, owned and operated by David Finnegan, has released their list of Apple II related books for a bit of spring time reading. This list is a who’s who among the Apple II hobby community and really are good reads. According to them, the best Apple II books are:

Sophistication & Simplicity: The Life and Times of the Apple II Computer by [Weyhrich  Steven]
Assembly Lines: The Complete Book — by Roger Wagner, edited by Chris Torrence – All 33 of Roger Wagner’s Assembly Lines articles from Softalk magazine, plus appendices, in one complete volume. Learn 6502 assembly language programming with many useful examples and clear explanations. This book is a classic in the Apple II world, and this new edition greatly improves upon the original. — $19.95Sophistication & Simplicity: The Life & Times of the Apple II Computer — by Steven Weyhrich – This Apple II history book is a “must read for Apple fans.” The content in the book has been expanded, professionally edited, and refined. Highly recommended for any Apple II collector and enthusiast. – $29.95 ( hardcover)
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Wozpak Special Edition, Steve Wozniak’s Apple-1 & Apple ][ Computers — edited by Bill Martens and Brian Wiser – The WOZPAK Special Edition is a compilation of original documents created by Steve Wozniak and other Apple legends. Many are original typed or hand written documents and drawings detailing the Apple-1 and Apple ][ Computers. The WOZPAK includes forewords from six of the legends whose work is included in the book. — 352 pages — $49.95Break Out: How the Apple II Launched the PC Gaming Revolution by David L. Craddock — From the perils along the Oregon Trail and the exploits of Carmen Sandiego to the shadowy dungeons of Wizardry and Prince of Persia’s trap-filled labyrinth, Break Out recounts the making of some of the Apple II’s most iconic games, illustrates how they informed the games we play today, and tells the stories of the pioneers who made them. — $34.99

The New Apple II User’s Guide – This book covers all models of Apple II, and contains everything that the new user needs to know to get started using and programming his Apple. Learn how to setup and start using the Apple, then learn how to program in BASIC. Further chapters cover graphics and sound, the disk system, networking, printing, and much more. — $22.00

You can purchase all of these books from their sources including the WOZPAK Special Edition from our own A.P.P.L.E. Bookstore. David’s New Apple II Users Guide is also a very handy reference for the Apple II newbie.

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