Virtual II Emulator Updated to 10.3

The Virtual II Apple II Emulator has been updated. Included in this release is a bevy of bug fixes which have been reported over the past few months including:

  • Fixed several crashes that could occur if a Disk ][ interface card has no connected drives.
  • Enhanced compatibility with WOZ disk images available in the public domain by correcting an error in version number checking.
  • Extended the feature to speak lines on the screen; the application can now automatically speak new text lines as they appear.
  • Fixed a bug where the “speak new screen lines” menu could result in speaking the entire screen instead.
  • The application did not recognize some usb-to-serial adapters. This has been solved, both for the serial card emulation in Virtual ][ and for transmitting disk images with A2V2.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the number of data bits in a serial connection to be affected by the parity setting.
  • In the configuration of the Thunderclock card, if the option “Allow setting the time” is switched off, the card’s internal time is now (re)set to the Mac system time.
  • The shortcut for triggering a non-maskable interrupt (ctrl-command-F11) now also works if the “Command key is Open Apple” mode is active.
  • Clarified the Applescript description of the “insert” command to point out that this command cannnot mount a Mac folder in a Disk ][ drive.

To download the update, go to the Virtual II website at:

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