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Program Submission Guidelines

As we indicated last month, we need your software for our library, in order to make it available to others. You can help cut down on our processing time by observing the following guidelines. All programs should be completely self-prompting. This means all user instructions should be embedded within the program as “print” statements, so […]


Loosely translated, this means there can be no output without input and effort. In order to make this group a success, we need, member input in the form of both articles for the newsletter, and programs for the library. Have you found a sneaky thing your Apple does that is not in the manual? Let […]


…is the tentative title for this newsletter. The name was chosen with some thought. That Basic (no pun intended) purpose of A.P.P.L.E. is a self-help service organization. If you need help, Call-A.P.P.L.E.. We will attempt to or assist you in solving you Apple-related problems and answer questions.  If you stump us, we will try to […]

Original Letter to Potential Members

Apple PugetSound Program Library Exchange C/O Val J. Golding6708 39th Avenue SWSeattle, Wa. 98136(206) 937-6588 (Home)(206) 623-7966 (Office) February 9, 1978 Dear Apple Owner:The purpose of this letter is to form an Apple Computer users group, as indicated by the tentative name above, and to further the exchange of information and programs of interest to […]