Category: Software

A2osX Build 2600 Released

Enhancements in TCP/IP and VT100, and Improved Performance Brian J. Bernstein, one of the developers behind the Apple II A2osX project, has just announced the release of A2osX Build 2600, packed with exciting updates and improvements. This latest version brings significant modifications to the TCP/IP and VT100 functionality, delivering enhanced performance and a smoother user […]

Nox Archaist – Lord of Storms Released

The highly anticipated expansion pack for Nox Archaist, titled “Lord of Storms,” has finally arrived, bringing a wave of excitement among Apple II gaming enthusiasts. Developed by 6502 Workshop, this expansion marks a significant milestone as the first-ever expansion for an Apple II RPG released by the original developers. Available for purchase through one of […]

A2Kit V.2.0.6 Released

Daniel F. Gordon, author of “Realm – Rays of Nightmare” and a number of programming tools, has released the latest version of A2Kit, a command line interface and library for manipulating retro disk images, file systems, and languages, with an emphasis on Apple II. The new version, A2Kit v2.0.6, includes several updates and improvements. One […]