Ample MAME Interface Updated

Kelvin Sherlock has released a bug fix release of the Ample MAME Interface for MAC OS. The latest version 0.244-1, includes the following updates:

  • Includes experimental Uthernet II support. IPRAW, MACRAW, and UDP sockets should be fine. TCP/IP sockets are a little rougher (resends and timeouts not yet implemented) but wget65 and A2Stream worked in my tests.
  • Tested: IP65 (requires a recent version with DHCP fixes)
  • Tested: Marinetti (make sure you have the most recent Uthernet II link layer)
  • Tested: A2OSX (the initial DHCP request sometimes get dropped (this is a vmnet/MIS issue) so you may need to wait a couple minutes and run ifconfig a second time)
  • If you encounter problems, let me know. This code isn’t in MAME (yet) and they can’t help you.
  • Reminder: Ample MAME uses vmnet / Macintosh Internet Sharing for ethernet emulation. DHCP is required and you’ll need to go in the settings and Fix VMNET permissions to work correctly.

You can download the latest release of Ample from the Ample GitHub page at:

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