Script Central SE V7N1 Released

Script-Central SE v7n1 has been released. This is the third issue of Script-Central Special Edition.

Script-Central SE v7n1 lobby

Script-Central is a HyperCard IIGS stack collection presented as a disk magazine. Originally published on floppy disks in the 1990’s, v7n1 is the third issue published by Brendan Bellina released as 16 MB hard drive images. Stacks include hard-to-find content, stacks converted from Macintosh HyperCard, and original stacks. Along with the stacks themselves is a great deal of information as well as updated instructions on how to create your own issue of Script-Central, if so inclined.

In addition to its regular features: Tips & Trix, the Lounge, Q+A, Scripter’s Workshop, the office, the mailroom, and the bathroom, there are a number of special features, some entirely new and some updated versions previously released on Script-Central or online.

  • Stack.Templates
  • Readymade.Btns
  • Readymade.Flds
  • Phone.Dialer
  • TuneBuilder (an updated version of Apple’s stack)
  • SoundMan 07 by HangTime
  • Slide.Puzzler
  • RecipeV1.2
  • Juke.Box.US
  • Background Music 1.1
  • Color.Master by Apple’s Tim Swihart
  • Stack.Checker by Apple
  • Instant Script Writer
  • HCGS.Palettes
  • and more!

Tools and applications that were used by the author to create Script-Central SE are included.

Visit to download all issues of Script-Central Special Edition.

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