Applesauce 1.56.1 Released

The latest version of the Applesauce Floppy Disk Controller software has been released. Applesauce FDC version 1.56.1 includes the following updates:

Improvements and Fixes

  • A new system has been created for processing hard-sectored disks. This will allow for the rapid implementation of support for new disk formats.
  • Added another data repair technique for disks using IBM sector structure.
  • Added DMK exporting for TRS-80 disks.
  • Improved IMD exporting.
  • Analog Chacteristics test has been revamped a bit to allow for drives with very tight filters to be able to run the test successfully. You can also now choose to run the tests while viewing head 0 and 1 (like existing) or against inner and outer tracks.
  • Cleaned up reporting of bad sector checksums on Apple 3.5″ GCR disks.
  • Apple II disks using standard sector structures will now log messages in the Disk Analyzer when they are using incorrect/invalid track/sector numbers.
  • Fixed crash in FAT12 file system parsing that was triggered by an Atari ST copy protection. Yes, a 30 year old copy protection that tried to make disk copiers crash is still doing it’s job.
  • Fixed logging of IBM sectors with a bad data checksum. It was sometimes using incorrect log messages.
  • Fixed potential crash in Mac MFS file system parsing if the directory structure is corrupted.

Other Improvements and Fixes

  • Improvments to flux reading that increase clock accuracy and prevent timebase decoupling for hard sectored disks with a high sector count.

You can download the latest version within the Applesauce App or by going to the Applesauce FDC website at:

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