Applewin Apple II Emulator Updated

Tom Charlesworth has announced the release of the latest version of the Applewin Apple II Emulator. Applewin is a windows based full featured Apple II Emulator. The latest version of Applewin, version includes several changes and bug fixes including the following:

  • [Change #1153] Support Game I/O Connector copy protection dongles. [@medasaro]
    • SDS SpeedStar dongle
  • [Change #1141,#1142,#1148,#1149,#1150] SNES MAX support for various controllers via mapping files. [@Eriknoc]
    • EG. -snes-max-user-joy1 snesmax\controller_Logitech_F310.yaml
  • [Change #1134] Add disk activity indicators for drives in Slot 5.
    • Only visible in 2x Windowed mode.
    • Add a new UI toggle in Config->Disk tab to “Show status” (ie. the track/sector status).
    • Hovering over this status will show a tooltip with both decimal and hexadecimal values, and the track includes the full fractional quarter track value too.
  • [Change #1133] Add a new command line ‘-s diskii13’ to put a diskii card into slot-n and force it to use the 13-sector firmware.
  • [Bug #1157] Fix video junk on RHS edge for TV & Monitor video modes. (Regression at
  • [Bug #1144] Fix some ZP symbols in A2_BASIC.SYM.
  • [Bug #1143] Fix graphical glitches on penultimate scan line when in non-“50% Scan Lines” mode.
  • [Bug #1138] Fix Mousecard – wasn’t generating VBL interrupt for mode byte of $08. Fixes ‘Jeeves’.
  • [Bug #1131] Fix MIXED issue when in ‘Color (PAL Monitor)’ video mode.
  • Change: Extend the debugger to support DISK commands for Disk II cards in other slots:
    • DISK SLOT n
    • Now DISK INFO will provide info for the new slot.

You can download the latest version of Applewin from the Applewin Github page at:

Some of the features included in Applewin include support for a variety of Apple II series machines and clones, many of which are hard to find. It also include a built in Symbolic Debugger for those users who wish to dig into the code at the machine level.

Peripherals and cards supported by Applewin include the following items:

Mockingboard, Phasor and SAM sound cards
Disk II interface for floppy disk drives
Hard disk controller
Super Serial Card (SSC)
Parallel printer card
Mouse interface
Apple IIe Extended 80-Column Text Card and RamWorks III (8MB)
No Slot Clock (NSC)
RGB cards:
– Apple’s Extended 80-Column Text
– AppleColor Adaptor Card
– ‘Le Chat Mauve’ Féline.
CP/M SoftCard
Uthernet I and II (ethernet cards)
Language Card and Saturn 64/128K for Apple II/II+
4Play and SNES MAX joystick cards
VidHD card (functionality limited to IIgs’ Super Hi-Res video modes)

If you wish to install Applewin on an older Windows 2000 or Window 98 / ME system, versions of the emulator are available on the Github page at:

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