CC65 Gomoku For the Apple II

Stefan Wessels has announced the initial release of his CC65 based Apple II version of the popular game, Gomoku. According to his anouncement,

I finally finished the Gomoku. The code is here: I think it plays a good game on Hard. Easy and medium will see it quite easily defeated.

The game has auto-demo and timeouts from sitting in screens. I added code to detect the IIgs and IIc+ and for those it waits 3x as long as on a 1MHz machine. The game does not know anything about accelerators so on my IIgs with Applesqueezer, the game seems to be in a hurry to move to other screens. The game is thus best played at whatever the native speed of the machine is. Watching the demo with the Applesqueezer is fun though, the game flies by very quickly!  I don’t have a IIc+ so I may have gotten that wrong.

I made the game easy to port.   As a proof of concept there’s also a Windows Command version.  The win-cmd version shows the score board that the AI uses to make moves.  That helped me debug the undo code.

PO disk image here too

Announcement on A2I Project Releases
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