ACOS GBBS Pro Version 2.2 Released

A.P.P.L.E in coordination with Kevin Smallwood and Paul Lee are pleased to announce the official release of ACOS GBBS Version 2.2 for the Apple II series computers. There are a host of changes to this latest release including the following:

    • Fixed syntax for ACOS.TIME
    • Fixed an unclosed quote
    • Fixed spelling of “tomarrow”
    • Fixed bug in this line:
      a=z:if not z then nu=nu+1:a=nu:close
      • Changed it to
        a=z:if not z then nu=nu+1:a=nu
    • Fixed get.time routine to account for 12 or 24 hour clocks
  • Patched version of PRODOS 1.9 with current date table
  • SYS.NEW.INFO renamed to SYS.NEWINFO so it works
  • Removed README.214 from /GBBS.CONFIG as it does not apply
  • Updated XDOS with newer version on /GBBS.SYSTEM
    • Now shows all CAPS if on a ][+ instead of garbage
    • directories created for UPLOAD and DOWNLOAD, downloads now in the DOWNLOAD directory
    • X.UP and X.DN now properly copied during installation

For users who have purchased the printed manual, there are a few other typos including the following:

  • Page 125 – Running the system Turnkey, section 2 should read:
    10 POKE 1,1:POKE 2,2
    20 ?CHR$(4)”-ACOS”
  • Page 132 – FLAGS
    FLAG(38) is actually used by the Anonymous posting routines, so it is NOT available for option expansion

You can download the latest version of ACOS GBBS Pro for the Apple II series computers from Call-A.P.P.L.E.’s Github page at:

Additional information and versions of ACOS GBBS and ACOS GBBS Pro are available on the official GBBS website at:

Printed copies of the ACOS GBBS Pro manual are available on the Call-A.P.P.L.E. Website at:

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