Applewin Apple II Emulator Updated

The Applewin Apple II Emulator for Windows has been updated. Applewin is a highly developed Apple II emulator managed by by Tom Charlesworth along with a host of other developers.

Applewin version 1.29.6 is a major bug fix release with the following changes made to the program:

[Bug #724] Fixed so that 6502 interrupt is delayed by 1 opcode when interrupt occurs on last cycle of opcode.

[Bug #711] Fixed Mockingboard initial “stretched” music playback (regression introduced at

[Bug #707] Fixed ADTPro (running under AppleWin) not working with real COM ports.

[Bug #701] Fixed 6522’s TIMER being out-of-sync with 6502.

[Bug #699] Fixed French Touch’s “Mad Effect”. See #656, #701, #724.

[Bug #680] Fixed video tearing (eg. for FT’s “Scroll Scroll Scroll” & “Mad Effect #2“).

[Bug #659] Fix for Applied Engineering’s Phasor song player (noisy playback) (regression introduced at

[Bug #656] Changed so only TEXT ($C050/1) and MIXED ($C052/3) have a 1 cycle delay (extension to

[Bug #652] Fixed 6522’s TIMER to underflow at 0x0000 -> 0xFFFF

[Bug #435] COM ports above COM9 weren’t available from the UI.

[Change #716] Help’s troubleshooting section: added an item for no Apple II speaker sound.

[PR #715] Memory fix for struct ImageInfo.

[PR #694] Debugger: Symbol loading: Fix random crash upon start up.

Fixed crash with debug command line switches: -m and -no-mb.

Applewin Github Page

The Applewin Apple II Emulator is available for free and the latest version of the emulator can be downloaded from Github at:

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