Fodder for Virtual Machine users: Ubuntu 11.04 is out

There are a good portion of our readers who know what I’m talking about. At the same time there are more than a few who don’t. I’ll explain what I mean in the title…

Modern Intel Macs can be used to run PC software. When I say PC, I do not necessarily refer only to Microsoft and Windows. In this case Ubuntu is an example of a non-Microsoft operating system. Typically this is done in three ways. The first is to use a dual-boot program such as “Bootcamp”. Second is to use a program such as “Macports” to recompile the software to run on a Mac. The third is to run a PC emulator such as “Parallels”, “Fusion”, or “VirtualBox”

Early reviews of Ubuntu 11.04 are split down the middle. The folks who put together the program have replaced the Gnome window manager with a new one called Unity. Some people love it and others hate it. Some people prefer a more traditional interface and download an Ubuntu varient called Kubuntu. Reviews of Kubuntu are mostly favourable.

Putting both ideas together I have installed Kubuntu in VirtualBox. It runs. For an emulated operating system it isn’t bad. The only thing to be aware of is VirtualBox requires the user to download the Extras Pack in addition to the main program. Why they didn’t just include it is beyond me…

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