Applesauce FDC Client Software Updated

The Applesauce Floppy Disk Controller client software has been updated. Applesauce 1.60 includes a number of new features and new supported formats as well as new disk sizes. Some of the changes and fixes included in this version are as follows:

Improvements and Fixes

  • There has been a major under the hood change to how Applesauce stores and manipulates low-level flux data. This change brings better efficiency and accuracy to many parts of the app. Hopefully I didn’t break anything with the work.
  • Fast imaging of 8″ disks in IBM 3470 and IBM 34 formats now supported.
  • Support for Intel M²FM disk encoding has been added. The Fast Imager can capture 8″ M²FM disks that use standard IBM sector structure.
  • Improved geometry detection for the Fast Imager.
  • The Fast and Flux imagers now have a new “sides to image” selector. The current functionality is contained within the “autodetect” option, but you can also now choose “single” or “double” to force single/double sided captures.
  • Previously, the Fast Imager would handle bad sectors by simply zeroing them out when you save the image (most disk image formats don’t support the concept of a bad sector). The Fast Imager will now mark sectors as bad within file formats that do support bad sectors, like .WOZ, .MOOF, .IMD, and .DMK. This will be a huge benefit when performing disk repairs.
  • The disk analyzer now supports 8″ disks.
  • Improved detection of disks that were imaged using the incorrect drive speed. Along with this comes automatic time-shifting with picosecond accuracy to correct the flux timings.
  • The stream recognizer that is used to validate Apple II tracks with an unknown format has been temporarily disabled as the replacement is being finalized. It was deemed that the old recognizer was doing nothing useful at this point.
  • When exporting files from file systems that support date/time, the exported files will now maintain the original dates/times.
  • The .IMD exporter produces a cleaned up header that conforms more closely to the original specification.
  • Retry Bad in the Fast Imager will now zero the head after performing its work.
  • Fixed two potential AtariDOS crashes when directories contain corrupt data.

Where to get the software

The Applesauce FDC Client client software is available from the Applesauce FDC website at:

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