Ample 0.240 Released

Screenshot of the AMPLE front end in action

Kelvin Sherlock has announced the immediate release of the AMPLE Apple specific front end interface for MAME. This interface runs under Mac OS X version 10.11 and later and provides the user an easy to use interface with all of the Apple I, II and III series computers, Apple II clones, and early Macintosh related emulator interfaces complete with setup screens which allow quick setup and usage of the App.

What Changed

Changes included in the 0.240 release of AMPLE include:

  • Updated Sparkle
  • Includes MAME 0.240
  • New menu item to release all keys (when the debugger is active, key up events are sometimes missed)

Where can I get the App

You can download the latest version of the AMPLE front end from their Github page at:

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