Virtual II Version 8.4 Released

The latest version of the Virtual II Emulator has been released.  Virtual II is a Shareware full featured Apple II emulator which offers users near real hardware experiences on Mac OS X.  The latest release, version 8.4 contains a host of changes including

  • Improved “woz” disk image compatibility; the application now deals better with several copy-protection schemes.
  • If a woz disk’s internal write protect property has been set, QuickLook now shows the disk without a write-protect notch, to indicate that it cannot be made write-enabled (or at least not without special tools).
  • Improved rendering of monochrome high resolution screens; it now shows a “half-pixel” shift where appropriate.
  • The game controller configuration now only contains the type of controls that can actually be mapped to the Apple II game I/O: push buttons as well as axis controls such as joysticks and sliders.

For more information, to purchase Virtual II, or to download the latest version of the Virtual II Emulator, check out the Virtual II website at:

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