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While this month’s web site is not specifically an Apple site, it is an important web resource for users of many platforms. Snackey Pete’s is a nice web site for those interested in the Inform format of Interactive Fiction games. The site, which is produced by Helikon Technologies, is a nice simple web site and has man compilers, interpreters, games, and even documentation for the Inform format.

As many of the older users may know, Inform is the format in which the Zork series of games were written. These games were based on a simple interpreter/compiler language, which allowed Interactive Fiction type games to be quite complex.

While the primary period of these types of games have passed, there is still quite a large following on the Internet for the Text based games. At Snackey Pete’s, you will find both Apple II gs as well as Macintosh based compilers in

addition to many other popular vintage and modern computing platforms.

You can reach Snackey Pete’s web site at While this web site does not have a domain name nor has it been updated in a couple of years, it is still well worth the look-see.

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