New Map for EAMON Adventure 206 — Curse of Hellsblade

Huw Williams has once again been at the computer and created a masterpiece map for an Eamon adventure. This week’s target is EAMON Adventure number 206, Curse of Hellsblade.

Curse of Hellsblade is an adventure which was originally created for the Knight Quest system , a highly advanced version of EAMON style text adventure system, by the author John Nelson.

John Nelson was the founder of the National EAMON Users Club, which produced a newsletter for several years. The newsletters were edited and published by John Nelson.

Curse of Hellsblade was was converted to Eamon by the Eamon Adventures Group, Tom Zuchowski. Now, thirty plus years later, Huw Williams has created a map for it that is worthy of the loft beginnings of the game.

For more on this EAMON Adventure and others and to get the higher resolution version of the map, check out the EAMON Wiki page dedicated to Curse of Hellsblade at:

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