Assembly Language in Excel

Francois Vander Linden has posted a proof of concept for his Excel Spreadsheet Assembler. As it is still in very rough form, Franco obviously has some hopes for it saying, ” I think it might be useful for some rapid 6502 test routines with an emulator for example.”

Some of the features included in the assembler are:

  • all the 6502 instructions plus a couple of pseudo-instructions – all addressing modes
  • global and local labels
  • EQUs to declare constants
  • use of +/- offsets with constants
  • use of “#” to reference values
  • decimal notation by default (0-65535)
  • use of “$” for hexadecimal notation (2 bytes max)
  • use of “%” for binary notation (16 bits max)
  • use of “>” and “<” to point to MSB and LSB (2 bytes only)
  • negative values are not supported (you’ll have to compute the 0-65535 equivalent yourself)
  • one sheet is supposed to hold one module’s code
  • “linking” of different modules is not supported but is certainly doable
  • no support for “macros”.

According to Francois, there are many features which could be implemented due to the fact that it is, after all a full featured spreadsheet. He believes that “this can be replaced with appropriate formulas- some kind of color/syntax highlighting”

You can download the latest version of Francois’ spreadsheet assembler from the Github page at:

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