New Apple II Game: Oubliette 2021

A.P.P.L.E. Member Tom Porter and Daniel Henderson have announced the latest version of their Oubliette graphical adventure game.  

Oubliette 2021 is the second game in the Oubliette series games and is a fully keyboard controlled tile based adventure that runs on any Apple II series computer with 128kb of RAM onboard.

The game play is very much like the original Oubliette game, where you become the adventurer, running through the maze, hitting switches which opens seemly random doors, all the while finding your way through the maze in order to rescue the princess.

According to Daniel, as soon as he finished this one, he had a hankering to get on with a new version with even bigger tiles using double low-resolution graphics, utilizing some of the new libraries which have come available in the past several months.   For those who follow the Apple II Software Enthusiasts group on facebook, these libraries have been coming fast and furious from a few developers, thus making it easy for those programmers who use them to get their programs done in short order.

And judging from the high quality of the games and the libraries, this is bound to continue well into the future.

Oubliette 2021 comes in a two floppy disk arrangement which can be used as a flippy disk or with two drive machines. The game makes full use of the mockingboard with 7 unique soundtracks, with internal speaker sound effects and speech. They also include a separate disk image of the mockingboard soundtrack for listening outside of the game.

You can download the entire game as well as the Mockingboard sound disk image in a single zip file from:

Daniel has also provided a pre-release of the first level of the next version of Oubliette to A.P.P.L.E. this past month and we can tell you that the franchise is definitely in good hands.  More on that release coming sometime later this spring.

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