Apple II Duo Disk Cable

Many people over the past few years have been searching for the ever elusive DuoDisk Cable.  Unfortunately, the longer we go in time from actual sale of the cable, the further between the sales of them on Ebay are.

But now, thanks to Herb Johnson, we now have a great pinout chart of the cable which is as follows:

DB25 male DB19 male
2    1
3    18
4    2
5    15
6    19
7    6
8    9
9,21    3
10,14    4
11    17
12    10
15    11
16    12
17    13
18    14
19    7
20    8
23    5
24    16

The pinout and other information can be found on his website at

Keep in mind that the 19 pin connectors are not very readily available so you will have to actually have to search for them but the reality is that this can be built into a single adapter and you can use a straight through 25 pin serial cable for the this.

If you do attempt to build this adapter, take your time and do it right.  it will make the actual adapter look much better.

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