New BBS Goes Online using GBBS Pro

It looks like someone finally put a GBBS back online.  Gene Buckle has put up his Age of Reason BBS using GBBS 1.3j which was developed by L&L Productions in 1986.  This software ran many of the BBS’s during the 1980’s and 1990’s eventually coming to a screeching halt when the IIgs was discontinued and with the Internet becoming more popular.

While many people have tried to put up BBS’s in the past 10 years, not many of them lasted.  This one will hopefully be around for a while.  It includes the only running Land of Spur game on the Internet.  You can ready the BBS by telneting to:


The BBS is running on an actual Enhanced Apple //e.  I always think of Howard Katz when I see something like that as he would be one who would endorse this type of system.

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