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Welcome to II Something!

I’m not going to try to replace real text with virtual text, and any resemblance to any Apple II hard copy publication, living or dead, is purely coincidental. By the way, I am your Editor, Clark Hugh Stiles.

II Something began as the first Apple II weekly in October 1995 ( go to issue guide). It has since enjoyed over six months of weekly issues, sometimes on schedule (blush). II Something has been on hiatus for most of 1996, the last issue having been 4-28-96.

Then current II Something was an intermittent anti-periodical which was be updated bit by bit, leaving the entire body online. On January 1, 1997 your editor reorganized his web pages, leaving this page with an under construction look.

On January 4, 1997 , your editor uploaded the first HTML versions of the first 27 weekly issues of II Something. These HTML versions were produced using an Applesoft BASIC program, three Basic.System external commands, Basic.System, and ProDOS 8 (Applesoft, Basic.System, and ProDOS are trademarks of Apple Computer Inc.), with some minor editing using Herb Hrowal’s HTE and Paul Lutus’ FreeWriter.

After a delay of six months, the initial conversion took but a few hours. Then there was the task of posting Issues 1 through 27 and adding HTML anchors to them all. That task overhung the entire project from the beginning and has caused me to procrastinate.

My apologies for the delay. Currently there is an Issue index on this page, and as the months go by, as more new content appears, the Subject index will also be here.

It is now 2020. Do you know what that means? It means that the 1990’s are gone and I’m still using my Apple IIgs.

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