Apple II Desktop 1.3 Alpha 6 Released

Joshua Bell has released the latest version of the Apple II Desktop graphical interface for the Apple II series computer. Apple II Desktop is available in eight languages and runs on Apple II series computers with at least 128K of memory as well as emulators and clones.

Apple II Desktop version 1.3 Alpha 6 includes a number of changes including the following:


  • Menu separators more vertically centered.
  • Prevent erratic behavior if keys pressed during menu selection.
  • Allow keyboard control of menus even when initiated with the mouse. (#754)
  • Don’t move cursor when controlling menu with keyboard. (#756)
  • Prevent keyboard cursor movement within disabled menus.


  • Icon for Applesoft and IntBASIC variable files (VAR, IVR)
  • Allow any file type in Apple Menu (except disabled DAs)
  • Add Link file type support ($E1/LNK)
  • Special > Make Alias command added – creates a Link file to the selected icon, placed in the LINKS/ folder.
  • Apple Menu > About This Apple II command added – invokes This Apple DA.
  • Improve animation shown when opening/closing a window for an icon.

Desk Accessories

  • Eyes, Neko and Puzzle moved into new Toys directory
  • New DA – Print Catalog: Dumps a recursive catalog of filenames to a printer in Slot 1.
  • This Apple
    • Identify and show Tiger Learning Computer
    • Moved into MODULES/ directory, dedicated command added
  • Puzzle:
    • Allow moving and closing the window before scrambling. (#752)
    • Allow re-scrambling once the puzzle has been completed.
    • Flash window on victory.
    • Don’t mispaint onto the desktop if the window is obscured.
  • Screen Dump: Do nothing unless an SSC is in Slot 1.

The latest version of the Apple II Desktop is available for download from the Apple II Desktop Github page at

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