Identify II — Automatic Hardware Detection

Marc A. Golembeck has released the first version of his automatic hardware detection software, Identify II. The program, available in a 5.25 inch floppy disk image for the Apple II series computers will run on both emulated and actual hardware systems and identify all cards and memory in the particular machine as well as the machine specs. Some of the additional features of the program include:

  • Machine detection
  • CPU detection
  • RAM detection (supports: RamWorks and Saturn memory expansion boards as well as Language Card detection)
  • Screen refresh rate detection 
  • FastChip //e and ZIPChip detection
  • Emulator detection
  • Joystick detection
  • Z80 detection
  • Slot scanning and identification of known interface cards

While the program is very well developed, Marc still has a number of items he has not implemented in the program yet but some of which will be in further versions along the way.

For more information or to download Identify II, check out Marc’s website at:

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