GS.Pacman Version 1.2 Released

The latest version of GS.Pacman has been released. Version 1.2 of GS.Pacman includes several game fixes as well as a new cheat mode with the 8 key on the keyboard. Peter Hirschberg has been quite busy with the updates but the game is coming along nicely. The changelog for version 1.2 shows the following changes:

  • Ghosts now go to “Fright” mode when in the monster pen
  • Ghost point value now resets after eating a power pellet
  • (Hopefully) fixed numpad support
  • Added “Cheat Mode” (press ‘8’ key)

GS.Pacman require an Apple IIgs with at least 1mb of RAM and currently is being built on a machine with 8mb of RAM. You can download the source code for the game as well as both the .2mg and .shk format disk images from the GS.Pacman Gitbhub page at:

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