Lawless Legends Demo Release

The Lawless legends team has released a three disk demo version of the game, looking to get feedback on the game play and any bugs in the program. A nine-year project which was introduced at Kansasfest 2014 by Martin Haye, Lawless Legends is a full fledged Graphical RPG for the Apple II series computers as well as for the Commodore 64 and other platforms.

Lawless Legends includes both two dimensional as well as three dimensional elements in the game depending on where you are in the game. In Town elements are all shown in three dimensional aspect.

The team behind Lawless Legends includes the famed Bards Tale III programmer Becky “Burger” Heineman as well Martin Haye (creator of Structris for the Apple II), Seth Sternberger (8 Bit Weapon), Brendan Robert, David Schmenk, Andrew Hogan and Jennell Jaquays of Dungeons & Dragons fame, and several volunteers.

You can download the entire 3-disk set of the Lawless Legends demo package from :

You can follow the progress of the Lawless Legends project not their Facebook page at:

Or on the Lawless Legends Corral blog at:

The Lawless Legends game editor is also available for users to try out or use to create their own games at:

To Play Lawless Legends:

The Lawless Legends commercial demo is available on the Virtual Apple II website for everyone to try:

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