Apple II Desktop 1.2 Alpha 37 Released

The latest alpha release of the Apple II Desktop has been released. Apple II Desktop 1.2 Alpha 37 Contains a number of fixes for the desktop and features a new Desk Accessory, Electric Duet Player. The Apple II desktop is now available in five languages and comes on a single 3.5 inch floppy disk image or on two 5.25 inch floppy disk images in your chosen language.

Some of the changes and fixes included are as follows:


  • Ensure copies after moves are really copies. #562
  • Clear selection when opening a window via path. #566
  • Add Electric Duet icon and file type/auxtype ($D5/$D0E7).
  • Don’t paint folders in inactive windows as open. #568
  • Only show “save the new list…” prompt if needed. #567
  • Optimize menu bar clock to only redraw if changed.
  • Optimize volume icon repaints. #554
  • Prevent renaming a volume the same as another. #570
  • Update window paths following folder moves. #569
  • Fix redraws for icons with very short names.
  • Fix freeze when Apple+Up activates list view window. #572
  • Format/Erase: Show alert on duplicate volume name. #577
  • Format/Erase: Fix block size code for non-Disk IIs.
  • Format/Erase: Fix formatting with RAM-based drivers.
  • Fix selection following Apple+Up activating volume window.


  • Fix copy countdown for entries in the root of a volume. #564
  • Show clock on menu bar. #444

Disk Copy

  • Ensure Escape key cancels a copy more reliable. #429

Desk Accessories

  • New Preview DA: Electric Duet player.
    • Files must have type $D5 and auxtype $D0E7.
  • Eyes: Add a move threshold to reduce flicker.
  • Startup: Allow clicking on label to toggle option.
  • System Speed
    • Remove redundant desktop icon repaint when closing.
    • Make setting persist on Laser 128EX.
  • Control Panel, Startup and Date: Prompt to save changes on the system disk if needed.

You can download the entire spectrum of floppy disk images and the source code for the Apple II Desktop from the A2D Github page of Joshua Bell at:

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