Manic Miner 1.1a Released

Stefan Weasels has released an update to his Manic Miner re-work. Manic Miner was originally written for the ZX-81 in 1983 by Matthew Smith, this version maintains all of the original spirit of the ZX version and makes a very playable Apple II version. According to the author:

The 1.1 Release was meant to be what’s in this release but I bungled it, so now a 1.1A release; The render loop has been unrolled and therefor the game does not slow down as much on the tile heavy levels (The Vat and the Warehouse for example).

Stefan Wessel’s Github

Stefan has also done an Apple II version of the ZX game Penetrator among other ports that he has in his Github library. The source for the program and the disks are available for download from Stefan Wessel’s Github page at:

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