Virtual II Apple II Emulator Updated

Gerard Putter, Curator of the Virtual II Apple II Emulator app has released a new version with a number of small improvements and bug fixes requested by users of the App. Some of the fixes include:

  • Added a pull down menu to save an Apple II screen as a PNG file. Previously, this function was only available through Applescript.
  • If the “shift key modification” has been configured, the initial value of game controller button #2 was incorrect. This has been fixed.
  • Improved CPU usage in top-speed mode, in order to reduce the occasional “spinning beach ball” cursor.
  • Several improvements “under the hood” in anticipation of future macOS releases.

Virtual II is a full featured shareware Apple II emulator which is available for purchase from the Virtual II website. You can also download the latest version if you are already a user of the app at:

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