Ultima IV Remastered A2 Version 1.2.7 Released

Sean Gugler has released an update to his Apple II version of the Ultima IV Remastered program. The Ultima IV Remastered A2 program is Seans remaster of the program from the 1985 binary code for the Apple II computer.

This latest release includes a few bug fixes:

  • Ghost and Zorn would not move onto swamp (regression since 1.2.0).
  • Dungeon monster AI mistakenly rejects moving south as if trying to return north (regression since 1.2.0). Not always noticeable since it has 1/8 chance of allowing return to previous position anyway, and makes 8 movement attempts per turn.

You can download the latest release of the Ultima IV Remastered A2 Project and the source code from the Github page at:

Commodore 64 Users can check out the C-64 port of Ultima IV Remastered at:

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