VOCinit for the Apple IIgs Updated 29 Years Later

VOCinit, a Temporary Initialization File (TIF) for the Apple IIgs computer and the Video Overlay Card has been updated. This update comes 29 years after the initial release of VOCinit and the original author, Richard Wifall has put it out as freeware.

Version 1.0 of VOCinit allows users for force the Video Overlay Card settings to either be complete Apple IIgs graphics or full input video on boot up. The program uses the Caps Lock on the keyboard to control which setting is used.

You can download the latest version of VOCinit from the Github page at:

GNO/ME users can also check out the VOCinfo executable, also by Richard Wifall, that provides information about the Video Overlay Card when it is in the computer. This executable runs in the GNO/ME environment natively as well as other shell environments. You can download it at:


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