Applesauce FDC Software Updated

The Applesauce Floppy Disk Controller software suite has been updated. Version 1.70 was released by John Morris with the following changes:

  • The most anticipated feature of this release is a powerful new disk writing system that works from the Disk Analyzer. Almost anything that can be loaded into the analyzer can also be written to disk, including copy protected software! But, using this feature effectively does require that you have at least a basic understanding of how disks are structured for your platform. Detailed information can be found on under Advanced Disk Writing in the Using the Software section.
  • Added support for the Micro Technology Unlimited MTU-130. Pretty cool and rare 6502-based computer. The 8” disks can be read and written with Applesauce. I have also reverse-engineered its CODOS file system in order to allow the viewing/extraction/validation of files.
  • Added the ability to rotate a disk within the disk analyzer. This allows you to do things like reset a disk index. Just select a nibble in the nibble view and then under the Disk menu, choose “Rotate Disk to Start at Selection”.
  • For the Disk Analyzer, under the Mastering menu is a new “Normalize Flux Timings of Selection” option. This will clean up the flux timings of the selected nibbles.
  • The Disk Analyzer will now process a2r files that only contain timing captures.
  • Fixed an issue with exporting Mac HD disks from the Fast Imager in moof format being corrupted. Exporting HD disks as moof from the Disk Analyzer worked properly.
  • Support for the new H17Disk 2.0 image format for Heath/Zenith hard sectored disks.
  • Fixed a bug where corrupt FAT volumes could crash the app.
  • Under the Mastering menu, the item “Export Track as Flux Timings” has been renamed to “Track Requires Flux Accuracy”.
  • Lots more little bits of cleanup like alert boxes in macOS 11+ supporting red button text for destructive operations.

You can download the latest version through the auto-updater in the App or from the Applesauce FDC website at:

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