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The Apple ][ in Lego Bricks

Chiu Keung, a Hong Kong based Apple fan has debuted his Lego Apple ][.  The machine, created totally from Lego bricks, details the entire machine, internals, the lid, the dual floppy drives, and  the monitor.  From the outside, it looks nearly as if it would start right up and run the latest in Apple ][ […]

Quickcam on the Apple //e

Have an old Parallel interfaced Connectix Quickcam sitting around collecting dust?  David Schmenk may well have just found a purpose for it.  Using a standard Apple //e and Low Resolution graphics on the //e for display, David has managed to get real time data into the machine and displaying fairly respectably. While this setup does […]

JACE Apple ][ Emulator Updated

Brendan Robert has announced a minor bug fix update to the JAVA Apple Computer Emulator or JACE as it is known. The JACE 12-30-12 update includes the following fixes: + Leaving fullscreen mode caused a blue border to appear at the top, shifting the whole display area down.  This has been corrected. + Mouse pointer […]

Brutal Deluxe Releases fEDD up Archival System

Antoine Vignau and Olivier Zardini, founders of Brutal Deluxe Software, are proud to introduce their newest software to the Apple II community. “I’m fEDD up” is Brutal Deluxe’s second answer to nowadays preservation of 5.25″ diskettes on the Apple II. Its main features are: • Essential Data Duplicator compatible If Utilico Microware’s EDD or compatible […]

An A.P.P.L.E. Review – The New Apple II User’s Guide

The New Apple II User's Guide cover

Book Title:  The New Apple II User’s GuideAuthor: David FinniganPages: 775 In 1993, Apple Inc. discontinued the Apple IIgs computer and all production of software and manuals for the Apple II series of computers came to a screeching halt.  Within a year, 95% of all Apple II software publishers were for the most part either […]