Bonhams to auction off Fully Functional Apple-1


Auction House Bonhams has another Apple-1 in its possession which will be auctioned off on October 22nd.  While there are approximately 60 of the Steve Wozniak created Apple-1 motherboards, only about a dozen or so have been shown to work.  Previous auctions of  similarly functioning machines have fetched anywhere between 385,000 and 650,000 USD.

The Apple-1 belonged to John Anderson who was the Founder of the Cincinnati AppleSiders User Group who kept the machine enclosed in a glass case for a number of years.  According to the Lot Details on the Bonhams website, it comes with a Keyboard of the same era as well as a Sanyo VM 4204 Monitor as well as a custom power supply in a wooden box.  Also, this Apple-1 has no apparent modifications made to the board and only one chip was replaced.

For more information on the Auction check out the Bonhans website at:

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