A2_4am’s Passport Updated

The Apple II disk crack/conversion program, Passport, has been updated. The latest release includes the following cracks:

  • NEW: verify pure 13-sector disks (by qkumba)
  • NEW: verify Infocom 18-sector disks (by qkumba)
  • NEW: patchers/artsci.a (AceCalc, Magicalc, Photar)
  • NEW: patchers/choplifter.a (Russki Duck, Choplifter) (by qkumba)
  • NEW: patchers/dakin5.a (Neutrons, MIRV, Rings of Saturn)
  • NEW: patchers/e7everywhere.a (Curious George series, Garfield Trivia Game)
  • NEW: patchers/hallabs.a (Sheila, Super Taxman II)
  • NEW: patchers/hoffman.a (Good Thinking! series)
  • NEW: patchers/holle.a (Crime Wave, Sherwood Forest)
  • NEW: patchers/muserwts.a (Caverns of Freitag, The Function Game)
  • NEW: patchers/springboard.a (The Newsroom, The Chalice of Mostania)
  • NEW: patchers/zoomgrafix.a (Zoom Grafix – all versions)
  • IMPROVED: id/trace33p.a (fixes Kaves of Karkhan)
  • IMPROVED: patchers/diskvol.a (fixes Diet Analysis Program)
  • test suite

You can download the latest version of the program from The Passport Github page at: https://github.com/a2-4am/passport

Full source code for Passport is also available.

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