Announcing ProDOS 8 System Disk 4.4 with ProDOS 2.4.1


System Disk 4.4 has been released for Apple //e and newer computers. The following programs are included:

  1. ProDOS 2.4.1 operating system.prodos-2-4-1
  2. Bitsy Bye program launcher from ProDOS 2.4.1.p8-system-4-4-bitsy-bye
  3. Launcher.System 4.4, now updated to restore Bitsy Bye v2.4.1 to Language Card Bank 2 on exit.p8-system-4-4-launcher
  4. SysUtils.System 3.1 from System Disk 4.0.2.p8-system-4-4-system-utilities
  5. FastCopy.System version 1.0.1 from System Disk 4.0.2.p8-system-4-4-fastcopy
  6. Bitsy Boot 1.0 from ProDOS 2.4.1.prodos-2-4-bitsy-boot
  7. Basic.System 1.6 from ProDOS 2.4.1p8-system-4-4-basic-1-6
  8. The Make.No.P8 utility from ProDOS 2.4.1 which saves 1KB from ProDOS by removing GS/OS support code and data.


Download 140k disk image: ProDOS-8 v4.4 System.dsk




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