Apple II Desktop V1.2 Pre-Alpha 9 Released

The latest update to the Apple II Desktop is now available for download and testing from the Apple II Desktop GitHub Page. Version 1.2 Pre-Alpha 9 is contains a bevy of changes and bug fixes including the following items:

  • DeskTop
    • Fix resource leak opening/closing windows – #19
    • Fix off-by-one year bug for pre-Y2K dates
    • Clear screen before launching to avoid garbage – #174
    • Add AuxType display to File > Get Info – #148
    • Fix display of alerts – #165
  • Control Panel DA
    • Fix overflowing paddle reads – #173
    • Persist changes to original DeskTop even if copied to RAMCard – #170
    • Reduce slowest double-click delay speed
  • Run Basic Here DA
    • Fix launching if RAM drive present but unused – #171
  • Key Caps DA
    • Fix highlighting of colon key – #166
  • Image Preview
    • Drop 65C02 requirement

For information about the Apple II Desktop, check out their website at:

To Download the latest version of the program, go to the Apple II Desktop Github page at:

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