Code to Disk Tool for the Apple ][ Now Available

Egan Ford, the curator of the Apple ][ Game Server and the Apple ][ Disk Server, has come up with a new application which writes games directly to a disk allowing them to be played, without DOS or ProDOS on the Apple ][.  According to his posting on Comp.sys.apple2 usenet group, “I just posted c2d (code to disk) to  I included the source with OS/X and Windows binaries.  c2d will take a single binary (with or without 4-byte DOS header) or a text monitor listing and create a bootable diskette (dsk) image.”

This tool makes the Apple ][ game server files even more useful allowing users to create a fast booting disk or disk image for emulators.

usage:  c2d [-vh?]
c2d [-m]   input[.mon],[load_address] output.dsk

-h|? this help
-m jump to monitor after booting
-v print version number and exit

input without a .mon extension is assumed to be a binary with a 4 byte header. If the header is missing then you must append ,load_address to the binary input filename, e.g. filename,800.  The load address will be read as hex. input with a .mon extension expected input format:

0800: A2 FF 9A 20 8C 02 20 4F
0808: 03 4C 00 FF 20 9E 02 A9


c2d hello hello.dsk
c2d hello.mon hello.dsk
c2d hello,800 hello.dsk
c2d -m test,300 test.dsk

A sample session using the c2d tool:

$ c2d air_cars,6000 air.dsk

Reading air_cars, type BINARY, start: $6000, length: 8192

Number of sectors:    32
Sector page range:    $60 – $7F
After boot, jump to:  $6000

Writing air_cars to T:01/S:00 – T:02/S:15 on air.dsk

$ c2d moon.patrol,801 moon.dsk

Reading moon.patrol, type BINARY, start: $0801, length: 18460

Number of sectors:    73
Sector page range:    $08 – $50
After boot, jump to:  $0801

Writing moon.patrol to T:01/S:00 – T:05/S:08 on moon.dsk

To download the c2d tool and the source code, go to the AsciiExpress website at:

or download it directly at:

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