INTBASIC.SYSTEM 0.9 for the Apple II Released

Joshua Bell has announced the immediate availability of the INTBASIC.SYSTEM Integer BASIC system file for ProDOS version 0.9. This system file allows users to run Integer BASIC under ProDOS and runs many original DOS 3.2 / 3.3 Integer BASIC Programs.

This version of the program is the first official release of the INTBASIC.SYSTEM file and includes support for these commands:

  • Disk commands:
    • SAVE path saves the current program as an INT file.
    • LOAD path loads an INT file.
    • RUN path loads and runs an INT file.
    • DELETE path deletes the specified file.
    • RENAME path,newpath renames the specified file.
    • LOCK path and UNLOCK path lock/unlock the specified file.
    • CAT [path] or CATALOG [path] shows the contents of the current or specified directory.
    • PREFIX [path] shows or sets the current ProDOS prefix.
    • BYE exits back to ProDOS.
  • Programming commands:
    • CHAIN path loads and runs an INT file, without clearing variables.
  • Binary file commands
    • BSAVE path,A<address>,L<length>" saves a BIN file.
    • BLOAD path[,A<address>]" loads a BIN file.
    • BRUN path[,A<address>]" runs a BIN file.

Addition Notes about the INTBASIC.SYSTEM file:

  • Commands from Integer BASIC e.g. PRINT "<ctrl-D>BLOAD RESOURCE" are supported.
  • Commands for operating on text files (MAXFILESOPENREAD, etc) and EXEC are not (yet) supported.
  • Slot and drive parameters (,S6,D1) are not (yet) supported.
  • MON and NOMON commands and volume parameter (,V254) are accepted but ignored.

You can download the latest version of the ProDOS order disk with the INTBASIC.SYSTEM implemented in either a 140Kb disk image or an 800Kb disk image from the INTBASIC.SYSTEM Github page at:

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