Applesauce Client Software 1.83 Released

Client Release 1.83 –

  • The way drives are powered has been changed in this release. The client software would previously power cycle the drive when moving between different views of the Drive Controller window (fast imager, flux imager, etc). This power cycling will no longer happen. This change allows drives like the Applied Engineering 3.5″ drives for Apple computers to now work properly.
  • Some improvements to sector repairs in the disk analyzer.
  • Viewing files could sometimes cause a crash if there were corrupt unused sectors at the end of the file.
  • In very rare circumstances, the analyzer could get confused about whether a corrupt IBM-format sector was protection or not. Fixed.
  • An error message is now displayed if you attempt to export a file to a drive in which you do not have permission to write.
  • Display an alert if trying to wipe the disk but the Applesauce is in Safe mode.
  • Diagnostics: If an Apple 3.5″ drive fails the Spindle test, it will no longer terminate the test. If the Apple 5.25″ Speed Test fails due a lack of signal, then an appropriate message is shown instead of failing silently.
  • Apple CP/M: Better support for filenames that have high bits set.
  • Heath/Zenith HDOS: Support for 16-sector disks as well as cleaning up disk labels that use graphical escape sequences so that they display properly.
  • Camera: When deleting an image, that image slot will now be automatically selected so that you can immediately replace it.
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