Leadlight Adventure Version 1.2 Released

Wade Clarke has released an update for his Leadlight Adventure. The game itself is quite the adventure.  Your are playing a girl Belinda who’s world is slowly falling apart.  According to the Leadlight website, “15-year-old Belinda Nettle is studying at Linville Girls High School in Australia’s Blue Mountains. After falling asleep in the library one afternoon, she wakes from her mundane existence into a nightmare. Her classmates are transformed, nameless terrors seek her out across the schoolgrounds, and traps and tricks threaten her life at every turn.”

The game was originally written as part of a contest two years ago but is now available for all to play. Version 1.2 of the game fixes a number of anomalies in the previous version including:

  • There is now a sequence of moves in the dance room
  • Examining eyes now works properly in the chapel
  • It is no longer possible to accidentally score a point when attacking Maureen

Leadlight is a text adventure game based on a highly modified version of the Eamon Adventure System by Donald Brown.  The game definitely is a blast of nostalgia mixed with a bit of tough adventure.

For more information about leadlight, check out the website at:


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