AFPBridge for the Apple IIgs Released

Stepehen Heumann has announced the release of AFPBridge for the Apple IIgs.   According to the announcement on CSA2,  AFPBridge is

“a tool that allows an Apple IIgs to connect to file servers using the Apple Filing Protocol (AFP) over  TCP/IP.  It works by using the existing AppleShare FST, but redirecting  its network traffic over TCP/IP rather than AppleTalk.”

AFPBridge is compatible with Apple IIgs’s with system 6.01 or later and a Network card compatible with Mainetti such as the Uthernet.

According to Stephen’s release AFPBridge allows users to

AFP file servers from a IIgs,  with no need to set up an AppleTalk network.  This provides a very  convenient way to move files to and from the IIgs, just by copying them  in the Finder or accessing them in any other IIgs program.

To download AFPBridge, check out the AFPBride website at:

The entire AFPBridge project source is available on the Github repository at:

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