Spectrum Platinum 2.5.5 Update Released

Ewan Wannop has released an update for the Spectrum Platinum communications suite for the Apple IIgs.  Version 2.5.5 includes a number of new features.

Prior to Kansasfest, Ewan released his toolset, The Undo Manager, which according to Ewan was his pre-Kaansasfest offering to the community. The Undo Manager is a tool which according to Ewan,

 adds 32 levels of Undo and Redo to your LineEdit, TextEdit, or Picture controls. To activate Undo and Redo Menu Items, simply install the Undo Manager, add Redo to your Edit Menu, and add a few simple commands to your application code.

He has continued that theme of managing his Kansasfest withdrawal symptoms by including a number of changes to the Spectrum Platinum package including:

Spectrum joins the rest of my major applications, in gaining support for
the Undo Manager. All Line Edit and TextEdit controls now support the
Undo & Redo features that the Undo Manager adds to an application that
supports it.

Released on a self-booting GS/OS 6.0.4 disk, with Marinetti installed,
you can either run Spectrum directly from the disk, or run the Installer
to install a copy of Spectrum on another disk of your choosing.

If you already have an installation of Spectrum, just copy the Spectrum
2.5.5 application over, and if you don’t yet have v1.0.1 of the Undo
Manager installed, copy that over as well.

I have also included copies of my major applications, so the Spectrum
Platinum disk gives you all you could possibly need to get onto the

You can download the the full Spectrum suite in the form of the disk titled spectrum_platinum.2mg disk from Ewan’s web site:

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