First report on the new Uthernet II

Uthernet II

Uthernet II

As promised, the beta Uthernet II card has finally arrived for me to test out and share my feedback. Big thanks to Glenn Jones of A2RetroSystems for including me in his beta testing program and allowing me to give the Apple II world a preview of this exciting new technology!

My first impression after opening the box and removing the bubble wrap is that this is definitely a little card! If you thought the original Uthernet was small, the Uthernet II is around half the size, despite having more components on its face.

In less than 35 lines of 6502 assembly code, I was able to setup and configure the Uthernet II with MAC and IP addresses, and I could ping it from across the network. I think we’re going to see a lot more Internet-enabled programs for the Apple II once the Uthernet II is out.

Read my full report here

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