ADTPro 1.3.0 Released

David Schmidt, curator of the ADTPro project, has announced the release of version 1.3.0.  According to the posting in CSA2, ”

Just a quick purge of CVS as I prepare to get going on the new wide protocol in earnest – this should represent the known bugs up to today of the “1-byte protocol” ADT-compatible ADTPro client and server.

There’s no new functionality, just a cleanup of earlier problems caused by yours truly.  There will be maintenance as required of the 1.x line going forward, but all new enhancements will go into the upcoming “wide” (as-yet-unnumbered) version.
1.3.0 – April 6, 2014
Bug fixes:
* Re-enable 19200 baud rate for serial client (removed in 1.2.8) – the Mac LC/Apple IIe card requires this speed
* [Client] Don’t bother turning the drive motor on early (introduced in 1.2.9) with Audio protocol”
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