Apple ][ Disk Server Updated to Version 6

Egan Ford has updated his new Apple ][ Disk Server once again.  The Apple ][ Disks Server allows the user to connect their audio port to the Apple ][‘s cassette i/o port and load complete disk images to the floppy drive.  This process now takes less than three minutes according to a note from Egan.

Improvements between version 3 and version 6 include:

  • Added friendly ‘BEEP’, “[RETURN] to reboot”.
  • Extra second of padding for slower drives.
  • New 8KFI option that uses more reliable 8000 bps code. Try HIFI first, if that does not work use 8KFI. 8kFI works with emulators too.
  • All audio files volume decreased from 100% to 75%.
  • In-line help.
  • New INSTA-DISK with less padding.
  • FORMAT and NO-FORMAT options. NO-FORMAT assumes preformatted diskette.
  • All audio files volume increased from 75% to 100%. I cannot go any higher.

To use the Apple ][ Disk Server, go to the Disk Server website at:

Apple ][ Game Server Updated to Version 0.5

Egan Ford has been busy with finding new ways to utilize the cassette port on the Apple ][ computer.  His Apple ][ Game Server is now at version 0.5 and has a number of improvements in speed and methodologies of loading the programs onto real and emulated Apple ][ computers.

Version 0.5 includes the following updates:

  • Boosted audio volume from 50% to 75%.
  • Added MON download option (Apple Monitor text for pasting into emulators). Right-click to save it.

You can download the games from the Apple ][ Game Server at:

Brutal Deluxe Adds Two More Cassettes to Collection

Brutal Deluxe has added two more new titles to their Apple ][ Software Cassette collection.  The collection which spans the years 1977 to 1982, contains 563 titles as of 3 January 2012.   The new titles included in this update are Powersoft’s Financial wizard 3 and Memory dump.

They have also updated Ciderpress and and their disk archives in addition to the new titles.  To browse the collection, go to the Brutal Deluxe Apple Cassette page at:

Apple ][ Game Server Updated to Version 0.3

Egan Ford has once again updated the Apple ][ Game Server in what he describes as “hopefully the last update”. This particular updates adds a 3rd download option to the server -TRACK. The TRACK files are CD compatible WAV files (44.1kHz/16bit) with a modified loader for 11025Hz/7350Hz zeros and ones (8820 bps). Egan also has posted a video of usage of the Track files during the loading of a game utilizing an inexpensive CD player. To view the video, check out:

To use the game server, got to the Apple ][ Game Server website at:

More Apple Cassette Tapes available Online

In the waning days of the Apple ][, cassettes were used quite prevalently.  This continued into the realm of the Apple ][ plus for a short time.  Now thanks to purchases made of some of these collections by Apple ][ fans, many of the cassettes are being archived.

One such fan who has archived materials from a good number of vintage computers is a New Zealand man living in Tokyo, Philip Lord.  His tape collection ha reached levels  unrivaled by all except possibly Antoine Vignau of Brutal Deluxe.  Like many others who collect such items, he has tried to recover many of the materials on the tapes, many with programs that were not very prevalent at the time.

He has made them all available on his website storage at:

He has also provided Dos Ordered disks (.do) for Apple ][ emulator users who don’t want to go through the hassle of loading the AIFF files individually.

Brutal Deluxe Adds more Apple ][ Cassettes

Brutal Deluxe software has added four more cassettes to the Apple ][ Cassette website.   The new cassettes, scanned and added by Antoine Vignau, brings the number of cassettes in the collection to  563 tapes.

The Cassette was the main storage type for the initial Apple ][ Computers from the advent of the Apple ][ in 1977 until the first floppy disk drives were commercially available to consumers in 1979.  They also continued to be used well beyond that time due to the fact the cost of floppy disk media was far too pricey for most buyers of the Apple ][.   Thus, many software companies continued to make software available on cassette media until 1981 or 1982.

The newly added items in the Brutal Deluxe cassette collection include the following items:

  • Adventure International: adventure sampler #0 and its manual
  • Adventure International: the manual of Planetoids
  • Amdek Corporation: CMU-800 for Apple II
  • Tsukumo Original Soft: Memory check

You can download all of the tapes in WAV format, as well as the documentation from the Brutal Deluxe website at:

To make downloading and access to the tapes easier, Antoine has added a link to the Apple ][ cassette collection to the main Brutal Deluxe website.  He also mentions that there will be more additions to the collection in the coming weeks.

Interesting letter from Dann McCreary, Disk-O-Tape Author

In the 1979-1981 time-frame, floppy disks were quite expensive, yet cassette tapes were a dime a dozen.   Dann McCreary had the idea of putting an entire disk on tape.  Thus Tape-O-Disk was born.  However, after the prices of floppy disks came down to a level where everyone could afford them, the program all but disappeared until re-discovered by Apple ][ collector Antoine Vignau.  When Antoine replied to an correspondence inquqiry by Dann, he received back one of the most insightful letters giving full perspective on the era in computing and the software industry as a whole of the time.  In the letter he talks about a variety of topics including where the sales came from, how he paid for advertising and many other interesting pieces of information from the world of 1980 software as seen by Dann McCreary.

You can read the letter in full at:

The page also contains the cassette of the Disk-O-Tape program as long as all of the related materials to the program.

Brutal Deluxe adds more Cassettes

Antoine Vignau, curator and creator of the Brutal Deluxe Apple cassette project has announced that there are more cassettes added to the project this week.  According to his announcement:

Thanks to some recent purchases on eBay, I have received the following cassettes:
– Program Design Incorporated: memory builder / concentration, analogies iq-builder, story builder / word master
– Programma International: Echo, Magic squares, Match wits
The manual of those cassettes are now online on, I need more time to scan and acquire the cassettes.
The seller had plenty of other cassettes but the price was too high for me and br**on won them all.

Will also come soon to a website near you the following cassettes:
– Avalon hill / Microcomputer games: an earlier version of Planet miners
– MUSE: Global war
– Powersoft: Function graphs and transformations
– Programma: Boxing, Speedwar
– Sotape: I got mine, Racer

The project, now in its third year, is up to 532 cassettes in the database.  You can find out more about the project on the project page at:

Antoine also announced his intention to sell portions of his Apple II collection to finance the project further.  More news on this aspect is coming soon.