Brutal Deluxe Software Releases Zephyr for the Apple ][


France, March 22nd 2013 – Brutal Deluxe Software, in partnership with Jean-Louis Le Breton (CEO of Froggy Software) and Richard Soberka (programmer, author of Pleins gaz), is happy to announce the relase of the arcade game Zéphyr for the Apple II.

This monochrome DHGR arcade game had to be released by Froggy Software in 1987. As the company shut its doors, the game has never been released nor distributed by its author.

Together, in 2013, we have decided to release the game and release as software were distributed during the golden years of the Apple II: zip lock bag, manual, sticker and floppy disk with label.

We auction the first three issues, one after the other. Those were signed by Jean-Louis Le Breton ( and Richard Soberka (

Find the first auction @
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Free shipping worldwide, the 77 next issues will be sold @

Share this vintage moment with us. Apple II forever!

Jean-Louis Le Breton,
Richard Soberka,
Antoine Vignau,
Olivier Zardini.

Eamon Adventures now playable online on Virtual Apple ][


The Eamon Adventures have long been one of the favorite adventure systems available for the Apple ][.  With over 255 adventures written for Eamon, it is also likely the most prolific adventuring system as well.

Eamon was designed in 1980 by Donald Brown and released in Recreational Computing Magazine as a public domain system.   While the first dozen or so adventures were written by Donald Brown himself, most of the following 200  plus adventures have been written by over 50 artists.

Now thanks to a hard disk image created by Frank Kunze, that gaming system and most of the adventures in ProDOS are now playable on Virtual Apple ][.  The entire system with adventure games, character editor, dungeon designer and other utilities are on the single hard drive image.

For players manuals and the dungeon design information, check out the Eamon Adventures Guild Online website at:

To play Eamon, go to Virtual Apple ][ at:

BMP2RAG Graphics Converter Released


Bill Buckels, the curator of the Aztec C Museum website has released his latest graphics tool for the Apple ][ computer.  BMP2RAG converts a 280 x 190 Windows BMP file to Apple ][ based HGR or High Resolution Graphics files.   The converter is a free tool and is available for download from:

The manual for the program is also available in PDF format from the website at:

Other graphics tools and compilers are available from the Aztec C Museum at:


(C) 2013 A.P.P.L.E. All Rights Reserved.  No re-distribution without permission.

New Eamon Reviews Online Now


Two new Eamon reviews from Thomas Ferguson are now available on the Eamon Adventurers Guild website.  The Reviews of Adventure # 253, The Prisim of Shadows and # 254, Dawn of the Warlock, both of which were written by Wade Clarke and James Anderson give the new offerings high praise and marks.

Eamon is an Adventure design system developed by Don Brown in 1979 and has over 255 adventures currently written for the system.   Recently, the system has made its way onto modern platforms in the form of the Eamon Deluxe system by Frank Black.

For more information about the Eamon system, go to the Eamon Adventurers Guild at  To read the reviews of the recent offerings Eamon Adventurers Guild review page at:

Scrambler 1.2 for OS X – A Simple Encryption App for the Mac


Scrambler 1.2

Stockholm, Sweden – Coding Turtle today is pleased to announce Scrambler 1.2, a major update to their simple encryption app for the Mac. Scrambler makes it convenient to encrypt files before sending them along unsafe places, such as to other Macs over untrusted email, instant messaging or cloud-based services. Scrambler resides in the menu bar – providing a small icon in the upper-right area of the screen.

To encrypt a file with Scrambler, users drag the file on Scrambler’s menu bar icon and type in a password via a small and non-intrusive pop-up window. The result is, of course, an encrypted file.

To decrypt the encrypted file, users drag it back on Scrambler’s menu bar icon and type in the same password. The result is, of course, the original file.

Scrambler 1.2 is available on the Mac App Store for $2.99. It is also available as a shareware from the developer’s website, where a free and fully functional 5-day trial can be found.

Find out more about Scrambler

Apple Releases Update for Safari


Apple has released an update for the Safari Browser.  Version 6.0.3. includes a number of fixes and improvements accrding to the release notes:

Safari 6.0.3 contains improvements to stability, usability, and security, including changes that:

  • Fix an issue that could cause Safari to mistakenly display an alert that bookmarks can’t be changed
  • Fix an issue that could cause duplicate bookmarks to appear on an iOS device

For detailed information on the security content of this update, please visit:

You can download the update through the Software Update function of the Apple Menu on your Mac, or from the Apple support page at:

Lord British Returns with New Game



Lord British, A.K.A. Richard Garriott, has returned to the gaming scene with a new RPG entry. Shroud of the Avatar: Forsaken Virtues is a combination online / offline game which looks to change the way that RPG games are looked at and played.

Lord British is known in the realms of the Ultima world among others. Starting with his first game on the Apple ][ computer, Akalabeth, he soon became an overnight sensation with more than 30,000 copies of the game sold. Ultima I and beyond also became bestsellers within the gaming world. Between Garriott and the team working with him on this new game, they have more than 50 commercial success titles between them.

Shoud will not be your typical RPG game according to Garriott. While many games want you to complete certain tasks or get enough points within a level to move on to the next one, this game according to will use an ever changing world as well as story lines to move the player through the world. Playable both as a massive multi-player online game as well as offline, this will mark the first game that Garriott has personally attached his name to since 1993.

For more on the production and the kickstarter project which at the time of press was already nearly halfway to it’s 1,000,000 USD goal, go to the Lord British Presents website at:

Original Version of Angry Birds Now A Free Download


The Original Angry Birds has been marked to Free by Rovio Entertainment Ltd.  Normally, Angry Birds is a $0.99 cent download. The company has also updated the app with 15 new levels, marking the first update in the app in a long while.   Upon updating it, they also released the game to the public for free download, although no timeframe has been specified for this giveaway.

You can download the original Angry Birds game from the Apple iTunes store at:

What Is The Apple II GS Adds Home Brew Mean 18 Collection


WITA2GS has added a bevy of home brew courses for the Apple IIgs Golf Game from Accolade, Mean 18.  According to the posting on the website,

“Sorting through many miscelleous archives forwarded on from Antoine as he comes into contact with random collections and images each disk from them, I came across 8 disks worth of golf courses for Mean 18, the excellent golfing sim from Accolade.”

For more information check out the WITA2GS website posting at:

Evernote Hack Exposes 50 Million User Passwords


A security breach with Evernote’s servers has exposed more than 50 million users passwords, causing the Evernote Corporation to issue a complete password reset.  The announcement by the Evernote Corporation states that there was no data exposure but to be safe, the company is forcing all users of the popular note taking service to reset their passwords.

The full announcement is at: