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Bill Buckels Makes Aztec C Manuals Available in Searchable Format

Thanks to Charlie Reiman, the following typeset Aztec C Manuals originally scanned by the late Paul R. Santa-Maria have been reformatted (they are now smaller and searchable and pastable as plain text), and are now available for download at the following links: Aztec C 65 Version 3.2 cross-compiler http://www.aztecmuseum.ca/docs/CG65A.PDF http://www.aztecmuseum.ca/docs/CG65B.PDF Aztec C 65 Version 3.2 […]

Save Memory On A String

By Don Williams One of the minor deficiencies in Apple Integer BASIC is the omission of the Data statement. In search of a remedy for this, I wrote a program to save memory in a BASIC string assignment. This is listed as program lines 1020 through 1190. Upon embarking on the first routine, I quickly […]