French Touch Releases New 3D Demo on the Apple II


The programming group, French Touch, has released a new 3-Dimensional demo on the Apple II.  The Unlimited Bobs demo was programmed on a Standard 1 MHz Apple //e computer and is shown in the video below:

The demo will run in emulation on Applewin, JACE, and ActiveGS. For more information about the French Touch or Unlimited Bobs, check out the French Touch home page at :

You can also download the disk image in Emulator format from the Open-Apple-Reset website at:

New game released for the Apple II — Genius


A new Apple II game, Genius, has been released by Daniele Liverani.  The game was primarily written for performance with emulators but has been optimized to run on the original hardware as well. You can try the game out on the Virtual Apple II website at:

Genius is currently available for free download from:

The source code for the game has also been released and is available in an RTF format document at:

For a visual introduction to the game, check out the Youtube video below:

The author is asking for feedback on the program and for any reports of anomalies with the game play.  Reports can be submitted to:

New Book Scan at Apple2Scans — Assembly Language Programming by Robert Mottola


The Apple2Scans Website has posted a scan of the Apple II book, Assembly Language Programming for the Apple II by Robert Mottola.  The book is a 96 mb PDF and is available for download at:

Nibble Magazine releases complete 12 years of Apple II Programs on disk


Mike Harvey has announced through his website, the immediate availability of all of the programs from the full run of Nibble Magazine.   Apple II hobbyist Stavros Karatsoidis has spent the better part of 3.5 years typing all of the programs from the magazines into an iPad.  The result is more than 1200 programs on a total of 69 floppy disks.  The complete disk collection is downloadable for free from the Nibble Magazine Disks page at:

A complete program index is also available from the Nibble Magazine website at:

ADTPro 2.0.0 Released


ADTPro, the vintage apple disk imaging software, has been updated to version 2.0.0.  ADTPro allows users to image floppies from Apple II and Apple III series computers and allows boot strapping of machines directly from a disk image over bare wire.  The software handles a number of emulator image formats and supports many of the newer hardware items produced for the Apple II and Apple II series computers.

New features in 2.0.0 included as specified in posting by David Schmidt on CSA2:

New protocol (code-named “Wide”) that makes transport more reliable  and significantly faster with tunable payload lengths
[Client] Arrow-and-Return interface for choosing a file to receive
[Client] Arrow-and-Return interface for the main menu
[Client] Directory listing allows for wildcard filtering of files, paging forward and backward
[SOS Client] Slow driver-based screen I/O subsystem replaced with custom code, significantly speeding up display
Separated ProDOS and SOS boot disks for ADTPro client; VDRIVE boot disk remains common to both

Bug fixes included in this version:
When the server decides to abort, the new protocol will not react  to the “spray of commands” when the client (re-)sends data that isn’t supposed to be commands
[SOS Client] Keyboard interaction works correctly
[SOS Client, SOS VSDrive] Changing serial connected-ness to the Apple /// no longer causes fatal SOS $02 errors
[SOS Client] Bare-metal bootstrap more reliable with timeout logic borrowed from Speediboot and made prettier with a logo and better display management
[Client] Hitting the escape key on the configuration screen truly aborts changes; this prevents DHCP from requesting a new IP address, for example
[Build] Re-architected ‘Ant’ build system to be completely dependency-driven; allows complete granularity of build target

For more information about ADTPro, including usage and setup videos and instructions, check out the ADTPro website at :

Bluetooth Wireless on the Apple II


Peter Wong has been working on a proof of concept project for the past several years which would allow the Apple II to utilize wireless communications.  The project has a number of ideas included and even a version of ADTPro, the disk imaging software managed by David Schmidt with the Bluetooth option on the main menu.

While there have been several projects which proved the concept would work, this is the first views which show the full integration of the software and hardware performing actual disk transfers.  This project also uses the Bolutek BLK-MD-BC04-B module attached to the Super Serial Card to achieve the bluetooth communications.

To read further about this project, check out his blog posting at:

Brutal Deluxe Updates Apple II Cassette Collection


Antoine Vignau has announced an update of the Apple II Cassette Collection on Brutal Deluxe.  The update includes the following new items:

  • Apple’s High-resolution graphics (002-0002-01)
  • Apple’s Checkbook-1 (002-0005-01)
  • Hayden’s Songs in the key of Apple

The new additions brings the total number of offerings in the collection to 623 tapes.  For more information or to download the items in the collection, see the Brutal Deluxe Apple II Cassette Collection website at:

ADTPro 1.3.0 Released

David Schmidt, curator of the ADTPro project, has announced the release of version 1.3.0.  According to the posting in CSA2, ”

Just a quick purge of CVS as I prepare to get going on the new wide protocol in earnest – this should represent the known bugs up to today of the “1-byte protocol” ADT-compatible ADTPro client and server.

There’s no new functionality, just a cleanup of earlier problems caused by yours truly.  There will be maintenance as required of the 1.x line going forward, but all new enhancements will go into the upcoming “wide” (as-yet-unnumbered) version.
1.3.0 – April 6, 2014
Bug fixes:
* Re-enable 19200 baud rate for serial client (removed in 1.2.8) – the Mac LC/Apple IIe card requires this speed
* [Client] Don’t bother turning the drive motor on early (introduced in 1.2.9) with Audio protocol”

A.P.P.L.E. Negotiates Discount for Option8 Joystick Shield

RetroConnector Joystick Shield copy

A.P.P.L.E. has negotiated a discount for A.P.P.L.E. Members who purchase Option8’s Joystick Shield or the Joystick Shield Kit.  These connectors allow users to utilize their original Apple II series joysticks with their current Mac or PC.  Many emulators will also recognize the Joystick Shield.

The discount code is available to A.P.P.L.E. members only through their login ID’s and is good for 10% off on the Joystick Shield and Joystick Shield Kit.  This discount does not apply to any other Option 8 products.  To purchase the Joystick Shield or the Joystick Shield Kit, go to

This connector has been confirmed to work with the Virtual Apple II website during a variety of tests. —

Kansasfest Committee releases logo for 2014 event


The Kansasfest committee has release a teaser email containing the 2014 rendition of the Kansasfest Logo.  Kansasfest is an Apple II centric enthusiast convention which happens each year in Kansas City, Missouri.   The event draws hobbyists from around the globe and is usually inundated with advancements in the hardware and software on the Apple II series platforms.  The 2014 Kansasfest will take place July 22nd to 27th.  For more information, check the Kansasfest website at: