CFFA3000 Now on Sale Again


The CFFA3000 compact flash drive card for the Apple II series computers is now on sale again. Rich Dreher, the creator of the CFFA3000 has made a total of 575 boards available for the third run of the card.

The new CFFA3000 RevC board also now works in the Apple /// computer and comes with the David Schmidt produced driver.  The CFFA3000 is available for $149.95 from the R&D Automation website at:

Open Apple #27: Daniel Kruszyna, demoparties, iSteve, and clones

This month on Open Apple, Mike and Ken chat with famed demo programmer Daniel Kruszyna, aka krüe. We chat about @party, the upcoming fourth annual demoparty to be held in recently beleaguered Boston, and how even non-programmers will find plenty to like. The first of three movies based on the life of Steve Jobs is now available for free online streaming — what’s the popular verdict on iSteve? There’s still more CFFAs coming from Rich Dreher, and they’ll work on even an original Apple-1, of which Mike Willegal is making yet more replicas. Speaking of clones, we found a “Redstone” Apple IIe clone in Australia that looks like a PC XT and is certainly no Tiger Learning Computer.

Find the show at the Open Apple Web site or in the iTunes and Zune podcast directories.

R&D Automation Makes 500 Units of the CFFA 3000 Available

Rich Dreher announced the availability of 500 more units of his popular Apple II card, the CFFA 3000.  The CFFA 3000 allows Apple II and /// series users to store programs on  compact flash and USB thumb drive, making the 8 bit Apples a seriously fast machine.  Programs and hard disk images can be easily transferred from PC to Apple II / III via the CF and USB thumb drives and the cards, bringing these old machines into the 21st century.

The initial run of the CFFA 3000 cards sold out in a matter of three days.  For more information, go to the CFFA Project website at:

R&D Automation to Produce 2nd Run of CFFA3000 Cards

R&D Automation announced in a blog posting last week that they will be producing a new run of the CFFA3000 cards for the Apple ][.  The CFFA3000 is a card which allows the Apple ][ to use Compact Flash Cards and USB Thumb Drives for hard drive storage of disk images.  According to the R&D Automation website, “We are now in the process of getting final quotes on parts for run #2 of the CFFA3000. We hope to be placing orders for the parts this week or next. We have not made a final decision on the run size yet, but we are looking at quantities of 400 and 500. The price of the next run will likely stay the same at US$149.95. It should be available in summer of 2012.

We are also adding support for image file directories to the firmware and making a lot of optimization to speed up all disk operations. Time permitting we will also be looking into DMA support, but there is still much work to do before we have something to test.

The previous run of cards sold out in a matter of days after the much anticipated update was released.  The specifications of the new card are as follows:

  • A CompactFlash / USB flash drive interface for Apple II family of computers
  • Support 1 to 13 partitions under ProDOS and GS/OS, and 2 virtual floppy drives
  • Virtual Floppy image support allows the use of almost any non-copy-protected floppy disk image, including .dsk, .2mg, and .nib files. Note: .nib files of protected floppies will not work with the CFFA3000
  • Allows storage of thousands of floppy and smartport disk images
  • User configurable partition count
  • Boot from either device and any partition
  • Allow booting from Dos3.3, Pascal, CPM, Contiki, ProDOS or GS/OS directly from the Interface card (for a floppy-less system)
  • Configurable as a CFFA smart port controller (i.e. a mass storage device) or as a floppy controller, or both. When configured as both, requires 2 slots in your Apple II, one for the physical card, and one for the virtual floppy controller.
  • Hardware supports DMA, although v1.0 software does not currently support DMA. Future support is planned, but not guaranteed.

To order a CFFA3000 Card, you will need to email Rich Dreher, the proprietor of R&D Automation using the “email me” link on his sales webpage at:

R&D Automation Announces New CFFA 3000 Release Candidate Firmware

R&D Automation, makers of the CFFA Compact Flash drive card for the Apple I and II series computers, has announced the immediate availability of the latest version of the CFFA 3000 Firmware for beta testers.  The CFFA 3000 is a dual drive multi-capability card that R&D has been working on for about 2 years now.   The card is in final stages of development and release of the initial order of cards is forthcoming.

The following email was received by the beta testers this week:

CFFA3000 Beta Testers,

We have finally finished the firmware and have uploaded release candidate #1. After some tricky issues with Copy II+ and  some major changes to the CPLD we think we have something solid.

I plan to ship the first 100 boards out next Monday and need to start programming boards this weekend. If you have any time in the next couple days please try out this firmware and logic and let me know what you find.

I would like to point out that the logic updates fix some serious reliability issues.

Thank you to those who have provided feedback.


The initial run of CFFA 3000 Cards has sold out and is no longer available until L&D Automation produces another run.  However, for those lucky enough to own one of these cards, the possibility for extending the life of your old Apple //e compute is limitless.  Not only can you use virtual HDD images but you can also use both virtual disk drives and actual disk drives attached to your machine with copy programs and other software that may require multiple drives.  This is also a quick and each way to back up your floppy disks to virtual images.  The fact that the CFFA3000 uses USB means that you can put the disk images onto any physical HDD currently in use.

For more information about the CFFA3000, be sure to stop by the R&D  Automation, LLC website at

CFFA3000 Cards Sold Out

The Entire run of 200 of the new CFFA3000 cards have sold out.  This run was released just over 4 weeks ago and according to Rich Dreher, “this run probably sold out quickly due to the long development time frame”.

Rich is now taking emails for a second run but he is saying that it could be 6 to 12 months prior to said run being completed.

For more information about the CFFA3000 and other cards by Rich Dreher, check out the R&D Automation LLC website at: